As the saying goes, “ anyone can be confident with a full head of hair”, it goes without saying that your hair is an essential part of your personality! For men, hair loss problems are more frequent than women, making them more vulnerable to baldness and related stress like low self-esteem, poor self-image and so on! Since a hair on your head is worth two in the brush, why not try these simple ways by which you can save those strands right away!

1.    Massage your hair with Castor oil: Known for its hair stimulating function, this wonder oil will help nourish roots and improve blood circulation leading to the prevention of hair loss! But the icing on the cake is that it also helps promote new hair growth! Gently massage your hair with some warm castor oil and leave it overnight. Wash off next day morning with some mild shampoo.

2.    Say yes to wash and no to the hairbrush: Washing your hair regularly with a gentle shampoo will help get rid of dirt, dust and sweat, thereby preventing clogging of hair follicles. However, do note that when you brush wet hair, it leads to more hair loss, since hair is at its weakest when wet. You can always comb it gently with your fingers or a big-toothed comb.

3.    Cut down on stress: Stress affects hair fall in ways that we rarely think about. Stress stops the hair growth by forcing the hair follicles into a resting stage. Practising meditation and yoga will help fight stress and reduce hair fall.

4.    Apply onion juice: Rich in Sulphur, onion juice is known to prevent breakage and thinning of hair. It mildly nourishes the hair follicles, leading to thicker hair growth. Apply the juice on the scalp and leave overnight for best results.

5.    Use ketoconazole shampoo: Known for its antifungal properties, there is substantial evidence based on research that indicates ketoconazole to be an anti-androgen which helps to block the DHT hormone. This promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

6.    Get enough vitamin D: Some studies have linked hair loss in men to low levels of Vitamin D. A 2012 research on hair follicles indicates that Vitamin D can help create new follicles! So it’s a good idea to incorporate the same in your diet, either in the form of supplements or in the way of food.

7.    Use Minoxidil solution: This FDA approved solution and foam is used to treat male-pattern hair loss. It works by helping to increase the blood flow thereby delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

So as someone rightly said “ It’s foolish to pluck your hair in grief, as baldness wouldn't be able to make the sorrow less”! But hair loss can definitely be reduced by controlling it at the right time by taking the proper measures. So love your hair, as long as it is there!