The podcast–in all its unedited, amateurish glory–had a good first season. It is arguably India's most listened podcast on sex already!
We say 'arguably' because we want to leave out the ones that are around explicit sex stories. We have nothing against that genre. Everyone, please be sex-positive, is what we at Misters have to say on that.

Just that that is not what our podcast is about. It is more reflective, and more reflexive. We get experts regularly, and so there's knowledge scattered in the conversation, but in its most fundamental it is the rare nature of a conversation by men which does not shy away from acknowledging vulnerability, that is the draw. Or at least that is what turned up when some regular (women) listeners were on the panel to discuss the 'manel-ness' of the show.

It has been a question that has come up. And on the balance, while being against manels in general, we thing there is a case for this one to be (mostly) a manel. What do you think?

The episode, in which we discuss all this is right here:

Listen to the manel episode on Spotify

In terms of men's expressions of vulnerability, the episode featuring the popular poet, Abhishek Annica stood out. His brilliant poem, Vyakaran was discussed among several other themes. The poem is a direct challenge to notions of masculinity being imposed indiscriminately, and Abhishek was brutally honest about his experience. We think it is a great listen. Here is the episode:

Listen to the one with the poet on Spotify