Women feel men think from between their legs. To be more specific, a man’s brain just might be in their testicles. Wait, does that mean men are differently-abled than women then? Well, hormonally yes, but rest assured the brain is located right where it should be, in the head, and not between the legs.

A person’s sex drive or libido is determined by the amount of testosterone present in the body. This is ideally true for both sexes alike; although, men tend to secrete more of the T hormone than women. Simply put, that’s how men’s bodies are generally wired. Most of the times, studies have found that men secrete up to 10 times more testosterone than women, which makes their sex drive reach the roof.

Testosterone – good or bad?

High testosterone in a man will eventually mean that men will be found roaming around like wild beasts, looking for a partner to mate with. It will be safe to say that men’s behaviours are often testosterone-driven. While high levels of testosterone might end up putting men in the wrong limelight, many women often complain of being viewed as “sex objects” by the other gender. If one is to argue on these grounds, it would be appropriate to say that their hormones often drive teenage men for a high libido rush.

Not all men are wired the same way, especially in terms of testosterone. Some might have lower levels of T-hormone, while many others might have excessively high numbers. Either way, let’s delve deeper and see how the varying levels of testosterone impact the human body.

People who end up taking anabolic steroids for enhancing their performance in sports might also find themselves with high levels of testosterone. Some issues which develop as a result of high levels of testosterone include, but are not limited to

1.    Low sperm counts, as the testes tend to shrink

2.    Damages to the heart muscles

3.    Prostate enlargement and problems with urinating

4.    Liver diseases

5.    Acne

6.    Weight gain

7.     Insomnia

8.    Increased muscle mass

9.    Stunted growth in adolescents

However, low levels of testosterone can harm the human body as well. This might cause a reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, or even enlarged breast tissues. Over time, these might cause loss of body hair, loss of muscle, and also cause enormous amounts of unprecedented weight gain. In either situation, these are not exactly where you would want to be placed.

Having the right type of testosterone levels is of utmost importance, to keep the body functioning at an appropriate pace. There are medicines and medications available in the market, which can be used to regulate both kinds of testosterone problems.