5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – and you’re done. A recent show on Netflix showed how premature ejaculation (PE) and the need of the partner to satisfy herself led to a couple falling apart. What was the biggest problem there? Premature ejaculation? No. It was the inability to accept the problem and lack of communication. The husband did not want to admit that he came too early and did not want to find a solution either.

Don’t be that man. Premature ejaculation may seem like an embarrassing problem, but you are not alone. Also, women who are in a relationship, don’t perceive it as an issue at all. The only solution to cope with premature ejaculation in a relationship is to be open about it. Taking help to address the problem is another step you need to take. However, your partner doesn’t need to go to bed dissatisfied till you cure the problem.

Here are some quick tips to please your partner when suffering from PE:

1.    Foreplay – Dedicate more time to foreplay. Charge your partner up sufficiently so that she enjoys the penetration even if it is for a few seconds or more.

2.    Vibrators – There should be no shame in taking a helping hand from a vibrator. If you have come early, help your partner finish perfectly by using this aid. While the vibrator is at it, you can use your hands skillfully to double the pleasure.

3.    Cunnilingus – Women get stimulated the most during oral sex. Use this to your advantage and get creative. With a little knowledge, which obviously comes from asking what and how your partner likes down there, you can master the art of licking the bean.

4.   Outer-course – Just like intercourse, a good outer-course can help women reach climax. Kissing, rubbing, straddling, fondling, fingering, or talking can all make women orgasm.

5.    Sensual massages – Women love being pampered. Give your partner a gentle sensual massage to arouse her completely. You can bring her to the climax with any of the above techniques.

6.    Masturbate – Try masturbating an hour or two before sex. This could help you last a tad bit longer than the first time.

To sum it up, don’t limit lovemaking or sex to intercourse. If you learn this, premature ejaculation problems will automatically fade out and not be a part of your bedroom woes.