Everyone likes longer sessions of sex, Premature Ejaculation, in short PE makes man ejaculate quickly, i.e., just after beginning the sexual intercourse! Imagine how embarrassing one might feel if they are unable to stay longer and every time ends up spilling the joy even before his partner got the orgasm.

Without getting into the cause of PE, we will talk about creams and lotions that are helping men deal with this problem. Often referred to as Topical or Numbing Creams, they are available at almost every chemist store. You may get to buy them without a prescription, but it is always good to consult a medical practitioner first.

Most probably it will be a lidocaine-prilocaine cream. Lidocaine also comes in sprays. How do these creams/lotions work? Once you have got your hands on a cream, use it normally to rub on your penis. These creams or lotions are usually anaesthetic and contain numbing agents in them. Applying it to the penis will decrease the sensation passing through your penis.

As per a study conducted on these lotions, they have been found effective in delaying the climax. It increases the time taken by men to ejaculate. Some of the critical factors to remember when using any of these lotions or creams to cure premature ejaculation:

1.     Use it 20-30 min before sex (or as prescribed).

2.     Don’t leave the cream on your penis more than the time suggested. Mostly you will be required to wash it off before sex.

3.     If rubbed on your partner’s vagina through your penis while having sex, it may make her numb too.

These creams might have some side-effects, also such as decreased sexual pleasure or others. Although no significant side-effect has been observed yet, it might give a mild pain or burning sensation to some men.

Most men recover from the situation if they follow their doctor’s instructions.

Premature Ejaculation can leave you and your partner unhappy. You may have been wanting to avoid sex but running away from the problem never bring a solution. These lotions have been known to work by controlling the persistent ejaculation that is quick and rarely gives enough sexual stimulation or pleasure.