The penis is a fantastic, solid organ that resists to a thousand and one things. It is a sign of virility for men. But, is your penis healthy? This is a question that all men should ask themselves! Several factors can affect the health of your penis. Some bad habits will not just make your penis feel unwell but also create an impact on your sex life and health in general.

For your well-being and that of your partner, your private parts must be healthy. Here are some warning signs that indicate that your male member needs some medical attention:

Pain during the sexual act

If you experience burning, tingling, or pain during sexual intercourse, it can be a result of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In case of fungal infections on the penis, red patches appear and cause burning and itching. Consult a gynecologist with your partner, who is probably also infected because of the fungus.

Intense itching

If the area of ​​the glans itches, stings, or burns, it may be a fungal infection. If you notice whitish deposits, these are caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans that can spread. Consult a dermatologist or gynecologist to get rid of the infection. Avoid sexual activity during this period as your partner is at a risk of vaginal infection too.

Blue penis

You’ve heard of blue balls (a term for lack of sexual activity) but blue penis is a serious condition. The appearance of a blue tinge on the penis or its complete blueness is generally the sign of a penis fracture that might have occurred during sex. A wrong move is sufficient to cause this. If it’s just the discoloration without any pain, you can apply ice cubes to soothe it. However, if the pain is sharp, rush to the nearest doctor.

Swollen testicles

This is caused by some trauma and is not very severe. In most cases, it is a pocket filled with water around the area which makes the testicles appear swollen. You will still need to consult a urologist to solve the problem and prevent further damage to your genitals.

Curved penis

If you notice a persistent curve in your penis during erections and experience pain, it could be a sign of penile curvature or Peyronie’s disease. Consulting a urologist in time will prevent micro-fractures and pain that can occur during intercourse.

Keep a check on the health of your male member from time to time. Proper care and hygiene can help prevent severe infections and diseases. It will also ensure that you enjoy an uninterrupted and exciting sex life.