Don't panic just yet! Today's stress levels and lifestyle make it quite a common problem to have. Men, sadly, you are more at risk than women.

According to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, chronic stress is related to lower genital sexual arousal levels. Both psychological and hormonal factors were related to lower levels of sexual arousal seen in men suffering from high chronic stress. It seems like mother nature knew that stress would dominate our lives, and that's why we have been blessed with nature's gift to boost our sex lives with Ayurveda.
At Misters, we use these herbs as key ingredients in products specially designed for better erections, lasting longer and increasing desire.

Ashwagandha has been a go-to aphrodisiac for men who face erectile dysfunction, but it has also shown impeccable results in when it comes to the overall male sexual energy. According to a study published in BioMed Research International's journal, consuming Ashwagandha continuously can help improve your libido significantly.

Shilajit is a world-renowned natural ingredient that can help in having prolonged sex sessions. The journal Andrologia conducted a study that claims that shilajit also increases testosterone in the male body. This herb is also known to help in improving the sperm count and quality. So, if you are also facing conceiving problems, you can also take the help of this ayurvedic aushadhi.

Other herbs in our products are -
Kesar to stimulate blood flow to the reproductive organs, build stamina, improve mood and reduces anxiety.
Kaunchbeej to improve circulation to genitals, enhance testosterone levels and serves as an aphrodisiac.
Gokshura to increase testosterone level, strengthen penile tissue and helps in sustaining erections.

All Misters products are a natural ayurvedic supplement that strengthens penile tissue, supports healthy testosterone levels and have a vasodilation effect that improves blood flow and promotes vigour, vitality and endurance. They are made from a proprietary blend of 100% natural herbal ingredients and positively influence male function for a more satisfying and fulfilling love life.

Our products, like Shilajit Pro, are designed keeping in mind the modern day lifestyle that is full of stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and lack of exercise. This medical blend created with doctors' help for peak efficacy with the ideal dosage of potent herbs-Shilajit and Ashwagandha, help reduce the negative impact of modern day lifestyle on the sexual health of men and infuses them with strength and stamina.
To know more about our products and its ingredients and how they affect your sexual functioning, check out our ingredients video -