Gokshura is an essential herb among the commonly used herbs in the traditional Indian system of medicines, Ayurveda. It is famous as Tribulus terrestris by its botanical name. It is also known as a multipurpose herb that can manage multiple diseases or disorders.

It is also considered as one of the important herbs in Dashmula. Gokshura is a herb that spreads on the ground with a somewhat similar fragrance of sugarcane. Its leaves look identical to that of a gram plant, and the fruits resemble the water chestnut armed with spines.

There are mainly two types of Gokshura available - one is Brihat Gokshura or big Gokshura (Pedalium murex), and another one is Laghu Gokshua or small Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris). Gokshura is available all over India, with a high amount of sales in the Northern and Southern parts of the country.

Other names of Gokshura: Gokshura, Khshuraka, Trikanta, Swadukantaka, Gokantaka, Gokshuraka, Vanshringata, Palankasha, Kshwadanshtra and Ikshugandhika.

All these are the Sanskrit names of Gokshura.Gokshura is also famous with various other names which can also be known as its national names, which means names by which is known as in different parts of India – Gokhru in Hindi, Bakhra in Punjabi, Gokhru in Bombay, Bahukantaka in Sanskrit, Chirupalleru in Telegu and Gokharu in Urdu.

It is also known by various other names internationally, i.e., out of India – Krunda in Afganistan, Bastitaj in Arab, Caltrops in English, Kharekhasak in Pers, Devil’s Thorn in South Africa and Neringil in Malaysia.

Botanical Description of Gokshura: Gokshura is a small herb that can grow upto 2-3 feet height. Its branches spread from all sides of the plant. Its leaves are like that of a gram plant. Gokshura flowers are small, yellow coloured and carry five petals.

Its fruits are slightly pentagonal, which have two or three sharp thorns. Its seeds are multiple in numbers and contain scented oil in them. Its roots may grow upto 10 cm – 13 cm long, which are smoky and contain slightly strong fragrance and are sweet. The Autumn season is one where its beautiful flowering is seen, followed by its fruits.

Ayurvedic properties of Gokshura: Gokshura is considered as one of the essential herbs in Ayurveda. This is well described by its Ayurvedic properties which are as follows:

  • Gokshura is light (Laghu) to digest and oily (Snigdha) in nature.
  • Gokshura is sweet (Madhura) and astringent (Kashaya) in taste.
  • ·Gokshura is sweet (Madhura) in its after digestion taste.
  • Gokshura is cold (Sheeta) in its potency.

Besides these, Gokshura helps in pacifying Vata Dosha, which makes it efficient in managing problems related to this Dosha. It also contains some other effective properties like it is Balya (strength provider), Vrishya (aphrodisiac), Agnideepak (one which enhances Agni, also known as Digestive fire) which makes it efficient to improve digestion, Pushtikaraka (one which provides complete nourishment to the body).

Gokshura or Tribulus Terrestris is full of multiple health beneficial properties, and the best part of Gokshura is that with all such beneficial properties, it also plays a significant role in improving sexual health and is readily available in various forms like Vati or Guggulu (tablets), Curna (powder) or Kwath (decoction).

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

Gokshura leaves and flower