Libido or sex drive is an individual's desire for sexual activity. The word 'desire' is crucial to the definition as it explains that libido/sex drive is just an urge, and it in no way states that the urge is gratified all the time.

Many factors, including biological, psychological, and social factors, influence libido. Often, libido is affected by alcohol and drug abuse, emotional wellness, fatigue, medications and even menopause. Additionally, the concept of high and low libido is very subjective.

Do You Have a 'Normal' Sex Drive? When it comes to sex drive, to each its own, there is no standard amount of sex that one should desire. Libido varies for each individual and between partners, and what's more, is that it fluctuates. As long as you are satisfied with your sex life, and so is your partner, libido should not be your concern. Mismatched libidos are often a concern in intimate relationships and can be synched in through various methods. Sex drive is considered 'abnormal' only if it directly affects an individual or their partner. Libido can only be a problem when it stresses one out, impacts day-to-day life and intimacy in relationships.

How do you cure low sex drive? If your diminished desire for ‘sex’ has been taking a toll on the spark you and your partner share, you need attention. Treatments for low sex drive begin with an underlying health checkup through a primary care doctor. Very often diseases like diabetes, thyroid disorders and cardiac problems affect libido. After the initial consultation, you can narrow down on the plausible causes of low sex drive and further consult a specialist to get it back on track. Very often lack of communication, trust, and intimacy, pent up resentment, and body-related insecurities cause issues in otherwise smooth-sailing relationships. Counselling with a trained sex therapist fares well in such cases.

Consuming herbal aphrodisiacs and supplements is another way to treat low libido. They work on brain neurotransmitters, stimulate genital nerves and even support adrenal glands in an attempt to pump up an individual's desire. Chinese ginseng, Maca and Muira Puama are some popular herbs known to be effective.

Sometimes medication that an individual consumes to cure various ailments meddle with their sex drive. Work with a healthcare professional to help you find a suitable alternative if this is the case. Hormone Therapies like Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be beneficial for a patient with low libido. Testosterone Gel or cream for topical application can benefit men suffering from the disorder.