A question that has been tormenting women for ages."What is he thinking?" Does he like it? "Is he thinking about other women?" Men are quite popular (unpopular) for holding back their emotions while women choose to put it on display.

A lot of story writers and women magazines have made a fortune trying to decode what goes on a man's mind like The Sex and the City where four women from varied socio-political background make a constant effort to deduce and analyze what goes on in their dates' mind and how it changes the dynamics of their relationship with them. Well, none of the women thought of doing the most straightforward thing they could have ever done to know it-JUST ASK THEM.

Times have changed and now we have got answers to almost all the questions including if blackhole exists or not. Cinematic portrayals of men have also undergone a 360-degree change. Male characters go through an emotional breakdown if needed. Take Ved from Tamasha for example. The guy does open about his emotional breakdown to his girlfriend and why he is the way he is. Even better, he cries like a perfectly normal human being.

Movies like Shubh Mangal Saavdhan also have the male protagonist revealing his sexual problem to his fiancée. That indeed is a giant step for humankind! Today here's me breaking the enigma for you, what are the five most popular thoughts that go on a man's mind while doing the deed:

1." Finally, I'm getting laid!" Sorry guys for revealing your age-old secret. Yes, their first thought is about sex and the fact that they are getting some action finally no matter how many times they might have done it.

2."Am I turning her on?" Contrary to popular notion, men also want to look sexy for their partners. They also want to enhance their partners' libido or sex drive; the desire to have sex. Men might go without a bath for days, but while having sex, they make sure they are looking their best.

3."Please stay hard for the love of God but don't come yet!" I wouldn't blame them for this. Their performance on the bed entirely depends on the "state of the hard". Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction are some of the most common problems faced by men, so the fear is real.

4."Is this the best sex she has ever had?" Most men want their partners to feel the best way they ever can with them. They are in an imaginary competition with other men inside their minds, so they do whatever they need to keep their partner happy. To make their partner orgasm being the trophy. A big reason why fake orgasms are popular among women.

5. Random thoughts "Why did the auto driver smile at me while I was getting down?"Will Messi score a goal today?" "This room looks shabby." And the list goes on. Men zone out even while doing it much like doing everything else.No amount of perfume or super sexy moves can stop this from happening although the duration can be reduced.