What a man wants, he is very quickly able to express, point-blank. On the other hand, what a woman wants is rarely expressed by her, making things a little difficult for men out there to guess, or comprehend and understand!

So if you are a man looking to woo a lady or strengthen your existing relationship, here are a few points which will help you understand what a woman wants from a man.

1 Sense Of Humour: Physical qualities are the initial reason why someone might get attracted to you. But to hold on to that is where your mental traits come into the picture. Most women like men who have a good sense of humour. A man should have it in him to bring a smile on the other person's face and also laugh when his lady says something funny! Admit it; no one likes to stay with a boring person or a serious, solemn one.

2 Strong: This doesn't mean you have to carry your woman in your arms, although if you can lift her once or twice, it would be a nice feeling. Women appreciate men you are mentally strong. A man who is balanced and has a mature outlook towards life is the one who appears as strong in a woman's eyes. Being faithful, honest, self-confident and direct are all qualities of a strong man.

3 Independent: Independent doesn't only mean financial independence but also emotional independence. If a man can make his own decisions and take accountability for the same as well, then he has a quality that women are looking.

4 Respect: No woman would like to live with a man who has no respect, either for her or for women in general. Women like men who encourage them to succeed, are interested in their opinions and are honest about relationship expectations. It is also essential to keep in mind that respect is a mutual thing, so you can't demand respect if you cannot respect your partner.

5 Goal-Oriented: It is alright to take some time to understand what you want to do or achieve, but never being able to have a fixed goal, is a significant unlikely for a woman. Women appreciate men who are focussed and have goals to look forward to in life.

Men are simple, while women are mysterious creatures. But the good part about the fairer sex is that with a bit of time and patience, you can easily win over their hearts!