You heard that right. Being madly in love, the constant butterflies, and jittery feelings can be so overwhelming. This irresistible feeling can push you to ejaculate immediately even though you want to go slow and enjoy the play for longer. Your hormones might not handle the pressure for long. In short, your body reacts actively, and your ejaculation quality is enhanced when you are indulged in one-night stands or during first-time sex with a new partner. This might have come to as a surprise as your junior love surprise too.

Researchers of Wooster College, USA, conducted a study to test the quality of juices men ejaculated based on certain activities. Men were shown seven porn clips to masturbate over a couple of weeks, where the six clips featured the same actress, but the seventh clip had a different one. Each of them was asked to masturbate at their homes, watching these clips in their own comfort. They did it in complete privacy as they wanted. The results showed men were hornier watching the clip, which featured a new character. They experienced enhanced ejaculation in terms of time taken to ejaculate, semen quality, and quantity. All of these indicate better sex drive men experience for their firsts.

The reason behind it is still unknown, but many believe it to be related to the evolution of men. They were made to spread better-quality seeds to maintain their bloodline. It is a mere theory that has been talked about for ages. The ancient polygamic relationship was based on this theory as it ensured to secure their bloodlines to live by for long.

This could be a disappointing fact for your partner that you do it well at first times, but it is not a green signal that you can have polygamy or one-night stands. If you do, you would be inviting trouble and controversies in your life, along with no one beside you to trust or love. This is just a study conducted for fact findings.