Yoga is proven to boost libido and improve your sex life. A 2010 study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that yoga enhanced various kinds of sexual functions in the body like better performance, improved desire, ejaculation control, etc. It also helps to increase body awareness, which in turn helps control negative emotions, anxiety, and stress.

Of course, thanks to the flexibility your body gets from yoga postures — you can spice up your sex life too. It boosts your self-esteem and helps you feel more confident about your body. Here’s what else you can do for your sex life:

Improve libido and enhanced orgasms

Practising yoga pumps up the blood flow to the pelvic region. This improved blood circulation gives better control over muscles that controls urination. So unknowingly, you are performing Kegel exercises during yoga session, which provides you stronger and longer orgasms. This happens because you have more control over the pelvic and sexual core. The cobra pose increases blood flow to the nether areas — the wide-legged straddle helps the groin muscles relax.

Improve sensitivity

Yoga helps you de-stress and get rid of toxins and recharges your sexual prowess. Breathing postures in yoga help counteract and prevent emotional issues like anxiety, depression, etc. As a result of managed stress, problems like high blood pressure are kept at bay. Thanks to the overall relaxation, you can improve enhanced intimacy during love-making.

Get fitter

Yoga exercises use all muscle groups in the body — so you are working on muscles that were ignored or unused. It improves your metabolic rate, get muscular, loose fat, and get that healthy glow on your skin.

Try new positions

Did body stiffness and lack of agility prevent you from trying new postures? Yoga improves body flexibility and confidence to try something new. Rigidity in the body often comes with age. Yoga helps regain the fluidity and agility you once had. Not to forget, many yoga positions are also used in the actual act of love-making — giving you that added edge to please your partner more.

Helps align sexual, spiritual and physical self

Yoga gives you a complete sense of well-being and forges a mind-body connection. It’s almost like reaching your sexual zen place. One can enjoy both foreplay and sexual intercourse with a heightened sense of pleasure.

Stronger relationships

The release of endorphins during yoga helps to relax the mind and body. Considering that relationships are about physical or emotional intimacy, you can connect with your partner at so many different levels. It synchronizes your physical, sexual, and emotional energies to create and form deeply intimate and sustainable relationships.

Since you are more confident about your body and in a healthier state of mind, you can give back your partner more at so many different levels.