You’ve probably heard it a zillion times — sex gets boring in long-term relationships. And while it is alright that you are stressed, tired and not-so-inclined on some days, this shouldn’t become a practice. At the end of the day, sex is an act of intimacy -- an action that can be pure, yet wild and luscious.

The act of love-making is the seamless integration of the body, mind and spirit. So along with ensuring healthy sexual appetite, sex plays a crucial role in maintaining this bond of intimacy for long-term relationships. Alongside, sex also releases happy hormones, helps you de-stress, burn a few added calories — not to mention leaving your partner breathless — in the right way!

So here’s what you can do to keep the fire burning:

Set the mood

Aromatic candles, some dark chocolates and perhaps a glass of wine! Not only does this set the mood, but all of these are also known to stimulate sexual desire. A little music serves as icing on the cake.

Be spontaneous

You don’t really have to time love-making. Be spontaneous — this would pleasantly surprise your loved one, and the sudden rush can do wonders to heat things up.

Try something new

Deviate from the boring! Yes, missionary style is simulating for women and makes you feel you have control — well taking turns in power-play is equal fun. Try new positions, and you’ll be surprised at what flexibility can do for you.

Get fitter

Yoga, strength training, etc. are great ways to stay in shape and gives you more control over your body. Oh, can you feel the difference when those arms have more strength to try a bit of flip or something more daring too!

Foreplay and masturbation

A little stimulation is all that you need to trigger sexual hormones. For women, foreplay and masturbation do the trick. Learn the art as it helps the flow of blood to the clitoris resulting in an enhanced sexual experience for you too.

As per a health publishing report, men should masturbate at least 21 times a month to reduce risks of prostate cancer. Some studies reveal this also helps men last longer in bed.

Bond and communicate

The emotional and physical acts of love are intertwined. Make sure that you spend quality time together. It could be going for a run or playing a sport or merely hanging out. Often, couples don’t discuss their sexual fantasies and desires. Well, if you want this to last, it’s time to come out of that shell. Talk about what turns you on or off or if you’d like to try something like role-playing or dirty talking.

When it comes to sex life, there’s no right and wrong. Don’t be shy or wary of sharing things with your partner. Try the above-listed approaches to keep the spark alive.