Your immunity refers to your body's ability to battle infections and disorders. It naturally performs all functions that we otherwise prescribe ourselves tablets for. There is a weak and strong immunity, both these conditions have causation and symptoms. Why should you be worried about low immunity? Because it increases the susceptibility of your body to be affected by diseases. Here are some symptoms of low levels of immunity to be on the lookout for:

Having a perpetual cold is not a good sign: Normally, the immune system requires 2-3 days to recover from a common cold. Always having a cold does not allow it to recuperate. Frequent problems of the stomach: About 70% of our immune systems are said to be present amidst the digestive tract. Health blows to your stomach from time-to-time will not yield good news.

Time consuming process of wound healing: For wounds to cover themselves up, one's skin needs to regenerate. This healing process requires a robust presence of immune cells. Hence, if your wound does not heal as quick as it should, it is a clear indication of weak immunity. Low levels of iron in the body or its deficiency known as anemia is also a symptom.

Feeling tired all the time: Mostly if we experience lack of sleep and immense stress, our bodies tend to wear out. Although, feeling jaded and incapacitated is a symptom of declining immunity levels. It's simple- if your immune system is struggling, so will your energy levels.

To think that immunity cannot be boosted is a myth. Read about popular immunomodulators on the Ayurveda section of our website.