Having healthy levels of testosterone is always good for you, whether it is a fulfilling sex life or building muscle, this hormone proves beneficial in many ways. Here are some simple steps to increase testosterone levels at 29.

Boost Testosterone Naturally with Misters Daily Josh

Red hot chillies: The desire to indulge in sex can be influenced by capsaicin, a chemical found in chillies that manages release of endorphins and is also responsible for spiking testosterone levels.

Cashews: This amazing nut functions by blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Its not rocket science to see how that benefits you.

Boost Testosterone Naturally with Misters Daily Josh

There is a link between men who opt for testosterone therapy and hence face fluctuations in their cholesterol levels. Many a time, you may be exhibiting symptoms of low testosterone levels and might not know it yet. For example, frequent migraines and headaches have been associated with low testosterone levels in past research studies.

Exercises that can help boost testosterone levels:


Strength training

Sit-ups, burpees, planks, crunches, squats and weight training to name a few.

Kegels: These exercises provide strength to the pelvic muscles which eventually leads to great sex and healthy testosterone levels.

Boost Testosterone Naturally with Misters Daily Josh

Just as there are things you should do to increase your testosterone, there are things you should refrain from. For example, Soda, Soy and Sugar are known to reduce a man’s sperm count and its quality. So keep away from them if you are facing T-level issues.

Even the spectrum for low testosterone levels is vast. It may be possible that natural remedies, a change in dietary habits and exercise may not help you achieve full results. In this case, you can always try a trusted, beneficial supplement that is completely natural and free from the side-effects of allopathy. Find them here.

Boost Testosterone Naturally with Misters Daily Josh