Testosterone has numerous essential functions like aiding the development of bones, muscles, growth of hair and a fuller voice. A reduction in this hormone can cause a chronic loss in sex drive, the inability to get and maintain an erection (Erectile Dysfunction) and minimized bone mass.

Staggering statistics show that over 50% of Indian Males above the age of 40 face erection issues. In fact, Outlook has quoted prominent doctor Sudhakar Krishnamurti who deems India as the "impotence capital of the world." ED is considered not only a physical setback but also bears grave mental complications in the form of loss of self confidence and esteem among men.

What can you do about it then? Let's get straight to it. Many men undergo elaborate medical treatment to mitigate the consequences of Erectile Dysfunction. However, effective Ayurvedic measures to manage this condition also exist.

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