Let's begin by describing what immunity is, as that would prove helpful to explain further. Immunity refers to the body's capacity to fight and hold it's own in the wake of diseases, infections and allergies. It is also the sum total of abilities that the body puts up to defend itself against these harmful conditions. A low immunity could not only imply poor health, but also an increasing vulnerability and weakness of the body.

Increasing one's immunity requires lifestyle changes like incorporating more whole plant foods in your diet, getting enough sleep, staying hydrating and the management of stress to name a few. Even upon completion of all these steps, individuals that are overweight, have unmanageable anxiety and those possessing a genetic make up predisposed to infection, may find it exceedingly difficult to maintain immunity.

The ancient science of Ayurveda has now made a comeback in discussions of immunity, given the recent situation. Research studies conducted show that consumption of Ashwagandha, for example, with whole cow's milk can considerably increase the body's white blood cells and response to flu, mumps and other common infections. Giloy, another prominent Ayurvedic herb has recently been cleared for testing owing to clinical trials for battling COVID-19. Others like Neem, Shilajit and Amla have scientifically proven health benefits that facilitate strength and immunity of the body. For detailed information regarding dosage and benefits of essential Ayurveda ingredients, please log onto our Ayurveda section on the website.