Here is a Misters curated list of foods that not only make sure you last longer in bed but also have potential to boost your sperm quality:

Following the Mediterranean diet inclusive of all things healthy like fruit, grains, nuts, vegetables, herbs and beans can facilitate a healthy blood flow throughout your body and consequently, to genitals that require adequate circulation to achieve and maintain a strong erection. The diet is beneficial for men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and is a prudent lifestyle change in order to correct and manage this condition. An added benefit of the diet is its frequent usage of olive oil. Rich in vitamin E, olive oil is known to increase the sperm count among men, experiments substantiating its role in improving sexual abilities among men.

The humble cucumber must not be underestimated, known for its amazing effects on men's sexual health. Citrulline abundantly present in cucumbers, convert into an amino acid known as arginine which further converts into nitric oxide, recognized to relax the blood vessels, permitting blood flow to the penis.

Research carried out has shown positive effects of watermelon on males with mild Erectile Dysfunction due to high amounts of Citrulline present in this summer fruit. Males who were given Citrulline or watermelon supplements recorded greater improvements in erections as compared to males who were given placebo.

Another food that is tantalizingly arousing is oysters, tickling you desire for sex. Assisting sperm production in men, oysters are instrumental in keeping the heart pumping, organizing the secretion of the happy hormone dopamine and therefore heightening libido among men.

Make sure you don't consume an excess of any of these foods presuming they will lead to indestructible erections. Also, foods that boost erections and increase the motility of the sperm are not the same. Just as some foods aid the erection process, some foods hinder it too. To know more about food types you should avoid or those that kill your erection, read our informative posts in the Misters Blog section.