You may believe it or not, but a good tuft of hair atop your head has the power to make or break your overall look quotient. Even if you are dressed to impress from head to toe, but are sporting an unkempt, frizzy look, it can ruin everything.

Often, we tend to overlook the quality of our hair or do not pay the required attention to it. It is definitely in your best interest to oil your hair; this article will list out why men should oil their hair, and what kind of other advantages are there derived from hair oil.

Increase in hair growth

Your hair will only shine in case provided with the right amount of nourishment. Oil acts as a replenishing agent and when used in massages helps regains the lost minerals, vitamins and strength because of the dry process of shampooing, dirt, and the ongoing pollution.

Hair oil is touted as the best available conditioner. For the optimum deep conditioning of your hair, do not forget to oil your hair with coconut oil, let it stay overnight, and then wash it away with a mild shampoo next morning.

Acts as a soothing agent

Massaging of your head triggers better blood circulation, and then opens the pores, while also allowing a better way of absorption of oil. Oiling also turns your hair into a strong one by strengthening your root, leading to a healthy hair status.

When you massage your hair in slow circular motion, the hair oil absorbed reaches the deep ends of your hair roots. This is a great way to bind the roots together strongly, and also reduces the pounding headache, if any. Because by hair oil massage, your body starts to relax and goes into a Zen mode.

Naturally glossy hair

Don’t be fooled by the nonchalant way of someone saying that they do not care about their hair, they would be straight out lying, and nobody wants a plain sheet of hair on the head. Everybody yearns for healthy locks. When oiled at regular intervals, hair gets stranded as a single thread. Oiling your hair decreases the possibility of split ends, and your mane gets the necessary shine and lustre.

Not giving a care in the world to your hair, makes them susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections. Also, poor hygiene gets culminated into lice and dandruff, which is not a pretty sight. If one oils their hair regularly, the diseases remain to steer clear of your head, and the head stays hydrated with the goodness of oil.

Delay in greying of hair

The culprit of early greying of hair in men is because of stress, and bad lifestyle factors. Melanin gives the tint of colour to your hair. Melanin is a skin pigment that determines the hair colour. When there is a high amount of melanin present in hair, a dark hair hue emerges, but in the absence of the lack of this enzyme, hair starts to turn grey before time. The act of regularly oiling and massaging your scalp will give you the desirable black colour, along with the volume in the hair.

Do you need more reasons to oil your hair? Yeah, we thought so.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP