While you are trying your best to talk dirty — the chances are you may be just getting worse. A lot of gals out there enjoy the talk, but they don’t want to accept or express it. Though it may seem offensive outside the bedroom — dirty talk and slang are surely a big hit inside the bedroom or when things are getting hot. It helps in elevating the pleasure you feel, and this applies to both partners.

But talking dirty requires some skill and practice. And no matter what you try, listed below are some things that you should avoid unless you want your boner gone!

Be shy or gentle

One of the most important things to keep in mind is not gentle or shy. That is the total opposite of being DIRTY! You want to spice things up. You should talk about things that were on your mind, but you never said it or things you want to do — but don’t say. Too much sweet can be sickening — sometimes a little RAW talk helps.

Talk about illnesses

When it comes to talking dirty, you want to dig deeper into things that attract you about your partner’s body. It might be their long hair — which you think is like a whip or even a mole on their body that you like nibbling on. But don’t ever talk about illnesses when talking dirty. So when you are talking about that hot mole or birthmark in an erotic place — don’t change the topic to you should get that checked. It’s like when you’re talking honka-honka and shifting to breast cancer when you feel something’s wrong. Well if you want to say it — there’s a time and place for it.

No babies

Dirty talk has nothing to do with babies. It’s like taking attention away from lust to love. Right now, you want her to focus on desire — bring out that oomph factor and take things to the next level—women associate babies with love and affection — and commitment. While you may want these things too — it takes the mind off dirty. You want to talk dirty to take your sexual activity a notch above. It spices up the same routine isn’t it — baby talk -save for later.

No barf talk, please.

Usually, people have a couple of drinks to relax their nerves and muscles. Doing so helps them to talk dirty. And while your partner is sloshed too — don’t bring up talks like puking or barfing. There’s no worse turn-off.

Don’t be a parrot

Don’t simply repeat what your partners are saying. If she’s talking dirty to you, think of adding something to what she’s said. If she’s saying she wants you to f*ck her so hard —- don’t repeat it. Add something like I am going to blow your mind out or compliment her body. You can talk about some fantasy you had about her talking like that.

Dirty talking doesn’t come naturally to everyone — but give it a try — your partner would enjoy you more than you think!

Bad dirty talk can kill the moment, misters!