Not being able to stand up to the occasion can be very annoying. Studies show that due to sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, more and more men will have erectile dysfunction in the coming years. For most men, male impotence is physiological, not psychological. The arteries must have sufficient blood flow to maintain an erection. A weak erection means hardening of the arteries, which further indicates towards early signs of the impending cardiovascular disease.

Garlic and better sex – what’s the connection?

Garlic has been well known for some time in particular as it regulates blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol, triglycerides and considerably improves blood circulation. Garlic contains allicin, a substance which thins the blood and improves blood flow. It has the same effect as Viagra, giving you erections which are stronger and lasts longer. An enzyme called nitric oxide synthase (NO), which is mainly responsible for the erection mechanism, can be stimulated in people who have low levels of this enzyme, by increasing the intake of garlic in their diet. According to historians, in Antiquity, the Egyptians used garlic to boost their endurance.

Studies have shown that ingesting four cloves of garlic a day for three consecutive months, especially in case of the elderly with high cholesterol problems, has therapeutic effects on male impotence. Its consumption is often recommended for men with or without erection problems but who wish to improve their sexual performance with natural solutions. It is said to give a real boost when you want to have satisfying sex or get a strong, hard and persistent erection.

The potent mix:

The combination of garlic and cayenne pepper is ideal for combating erectile dysfunction. Admittedly, to taste, this mixture does not look appetizing. However, it has shown results on men who do not have impotence problems, but just want to boost their libido and get a strong erection. In this natural remedy, Cayenne pepper promotes blood circulation in the body and the genitals and garlic, on the other hand, improves blood flow and helps to dilate the vessels, proving to be a powerful and effective mixture for better performance. It is also an excellent remedy for cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension – the three most common factors that have an impact on your sex life. Herbal and natural powers of garlic continue to do their job in managing the underlying causes of sexual problems in men.


The only side effect with daily consumption of garlic is the odour in your breath, which can even strip a paint-job. But then, you can practice some oral hygiene and chew mint for fresher breath.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP