"Simran and Raj sitting on a tree


First comes love,

Then comes sex,

and then comes bad sex,

and then they get out of that tree."

Sorry for ruining the sacred playground rhyme for everyone, but this was the crucial need of the hour. For some, love is all that you need in life. And we are going to call those 'some' the unlearned innocents. Love and all are good, but have you ever had sex that made you boneless with desire? Love might hold the foundation of a relationship, but sex is the language of intimacy that can make or break your ship.

Sex adds the needed spice to a relationship. It brings you close to your partner and feeds your inner carnal soul. However, if you and your partner are not on the same page in life, then it could hinder your sex drive and bring it to a distasteful halt.

There are a lot of problems that you might face with your partner. We, at misters.in, are going to elaborate on those problems and try to find its solution so that your ship doesn't tank.

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Communication barriers are the root cause of conflict in a relationship. Don't hear to answer; instead, listen carefully to reply. There is a vast difference between listening and hearing. Learn the difference and give your partner the attention they deserve. You'd soon notice the change of atmosphere in the bedroom as soon as the barriers of communication would come down.


Everyday life is paved with stress. Right from the moment you wake up to the moment you retire to bed, stress follows us judiciously like a restless ghost. However, it depends on us how much we let that stress control our lives. To sustain a healthy relationship with your partner, you must leave the tension at the doorstep of your house. You can't have mind-numbing sex with Monday meeting agenda of work in your head.


No sense of routine and schedule can make you a lousy bum. Change your lifestyle before it changes your life for the worst. Eat better, go for a jog now and then, and have a sleeping schedule. Happy hormones live in a healthy body. Improved lifestyle will elevate your libido and enhance your sex life.


Aging is nature's way of keeping us humble. Aging comes with its own baggage of hormonal changes in both men and women, in addition to the changing body image. People who are aging, might not be able to feel like their old self. Nevertheless, this is the time to celebrate your life and wisdom, accept you new body and give it the love you deserve. Sex doesn't come with a date of expiry.

You are the driver of your life. The influence of your partner and the problems in your relationship have a significant potential of killing your sex drive, but there is nothing in this world that cannot be solved.  If you think you're facing some problems with your partner, then talk to each other, go to couples' therapy, redefine your love and explore the wild.