Decorous food habits make or break your body, and it has never been a secret. Proper eating provides proper nutrition and has noteworthy significance in overall health. When it comes to sexual maturity, some foods can stimulate our senses by increasing the blood flow. If a disciplined diet is followed, certain superfoods can make you last longer. These sexual pleasure increasing foods do not only help in lengthy sexual activities but overall health in general as well. This list consists of superfoods that are readily available in any market all across the globe, so you don’t have to hunt for them.


Bananas are the best aphrodisiac and score the top position in this list as they are the number one food for increasing sexual pleasure. Bananas are rich in potassium; hence it helps in keeping the sodium level in the body under check, thus controlling the blood pressure. A controlled blood pressure signifies a healthy heart. A healthy heart circulates the blood all over the body in an optimum manner which helps them to grow and function better.


Garlic is incredibly helpful in maintaining excellent sexual health. Garlic contains allicin which are great antioxidants that help to rejuvenate the heart’s cells. Garlic also has potassium, chromium and Sulphur compounds. Potassium, as mentioned earlier if good for blood flow. The chromium concentration available in garlic helps in regulating the insulin level and Sulphur lower the blood sugar and stabilizes the blood flow along with potassium. All these, benefit in positive blood flow and help in increasing the erectile time length so that you can enjoy more.

Dark chocolate

The health benefits by consuming a certain amount of dark chocolate in the overall health is debatable. Still, it certainly helps in the blood flow in the body and thus to the genitals. Flavanol is a substance that is very rich in dark chocolate. Flavanols are natural compounds and are readily available in fruits (apple, pears), cocoa and vegetables. Flavanols is beneficial for cardiovascular and cognitive health. It is also an excellent food for the positively longer erections and better sexual life.

Low-fat yoghurt

Low-fat yoghurt contains proteins, vitamin B12, vitamin D and potassium in abundance. Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in keeping the nervous system upright along with the production of red blood cells and DNA. Vitamin D also has a similar role to play in the body along with potassium which as we know by now is suitable for healthy blood flow. Low-fat yoghurt is good for strong erection and drives the sexual desire for a more extended time.


Watermelon are known as natural Viagra due to a component “citrulline” present in it. Viagra does nothing but increases the blood flow towards the penis and helps in longer erections. Such is the case with citrulline as well. Watermelons are good for erectile dysfunctions. As explained above, better blood flow helps in better sexual lives and watermelon is indeed a superfood that regulates the blood pressure. However, one who is suffering from diabetes should consult a doctor before consuming watermelon.

Most importantly, these superfoods would not do wonders in a single night. One has to practice consuming these foods in an optimum quantity regularly.

These superfoods are beneficial as unlike other sexual prescription drugs; they are natural, safe and healthy. Since these foods do not constitute harmful substances, there are no side effects as well and are comparatively much cheaper. Moreover, the above-listed superfoods mostly blend in with other foods and are tasty as well.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP