‘Winter is the time for comfort, good food and warmth, winter is the time for staying home.’ Absolutely true. Winter is the time we long for some warmth, comfort, a hug, a hot mug of chocolate and someone close to cosy up and snuggle with. When we speak about ‘cuffing season’ we mean the same. Now you must be wondering suddenly from your vision of naughty and erotic foreplay image with handcuffs where has this warm and comfy winter landed? Well, mister, just like there are seasons to swim, there are seasons to mate and make love. Winter is one of them. Not surprising, that during winters we long for some skin to skin touch, love and cuddling around. This obviously does mean more sex as well, the reason why most babies are born in August and September!

So what does the cuffing season mean?

Starting from falls till about spring is the time known as the cuffing season. Although this term might be relatively new, from primitive times the concept of cuffing has been there. It was during winter that hunting was more difficult and people started moving around in groups or as more than one. It not only kept them warm and made hunting easy, but also helped the tribe survive with procreation. Coming to this era, usually, this is the time when people socialize less or go out less and prefer spending more time indoors away from the harsh and cold winter climate. This is also the time when people tend to feel more lonely and start longing for a mate, with whom they can spend some good time cuddling indoors. That is where the term cuffing season comes from. You want a mate or a partner to spend the harsh winters together, indoors! It is the desire to be tied down (cuffed) that often arises in the colder months.

Is it a casual relationship?

Well, that depends on both of you. If you are the type who is not looking for long term relationships, then it is better to find someone who is equally okay with the concept of short term relationship. You guys can then spend the cold days cosying around and part ways when it’s bright and sunny outside! On the other hand, it’s sensible to keep a long term in mind as well, because, even when the sun is out, you both might feel the inclination to continue spending time with each other. Whatever be it, it should be mutual.

So is the feeling of wanting to get ‘cuffed’, natural?

Mostly it is. Once the chill starts setting in, our body automatically starts craving for more touch. By touch, we mean a hug, someone to hold your hand, to warm up with on the couch while watching Netflix, to cuddle together while sipping hot chocolate or just to do fun things together, inside the warmth of your home. Also, as per studies, during the same time, the testosterone levels go up, making a man yearn for more sex, love, intimacy and sensual touches.

Where do you find a cuffing partner?

Well, although the chances are pretty bright that you might find a cuffing partner at the pub, or the sports bar or through a common friend, the most common way to come across a probable mate is through the internet dating sites. You can not only flick through many profiles but also see probable matches through the matching of common interest, activities, and so on.

So is cuffing essential?

Nothing is essential in this world. If you find the need for a partner, that’s great. If you don’t and prefer to be single, that’s great as well. If a relationship is not what you are looking for, then winters are a great time to catch up with good friends (call them home), read some good books or pursue a hobby. You can also invest the extra time focusing on your health like, following an exercise regime to lose weight, (you generally tend to put on some extra pounds during winter), practice meditation, yoga, or just snuggle up in front of the TV for your favourite series with a hot cup of coffee. Also, in case you are a pet lover then fostering a pet for the harsh winter months is also an excellent way for some warmth, love, affection and of course loads of cuddles and licks!