Yes, you read it right. Most men think premature ejaculation is something to be embarrassed about, and they need to fix this problem. But some women find this hot and arousing. Interesting, isn't it? We will discuss over a few scenarios where women have expressed their views over it and if it is helpful for men with PE to be at peace or to seek for a woman who finds it appealing.

Premature ejaculation is a condition when a man achieves orgasm way before he is ready for it, generally within a minute after starting penetration. PE is the common sexual problem men face and want to get it rid of as soon as possible. Few want to talk about it explicitly, but they cannot while most don't want to talk about their sexual problems at all. Caused by various factors like stress, psychological issues, or genetic issues, PE has been a concern for men, but few women see it; otherwise, they find it hot.

For a fact, there are many women out there who get aroused when they see men prematurely ejaculating and also consider it as fetish at times. Many have posted on Reddit confessing the same. One of the excerpts read:

"I consider it tempting when my guy orgasms before me. It makes me feel special and erotic. I would make him finger bang me or use a dildo for my turn to have a climax. Many often think that it is manly to last until his girl orgasms, but sometimes it gets annoying. Like for me, I have to be banged at my gspot rhythmically for 20 minutes so that I can orgasm. This is practically not possible all the time. So, it's okay for men to ejaculate early, at least for me, it makes me feel that I am irresistible for my guy."

Another woman feels a guy who is long-lasting could be annoying at times, and she finds PE to turn her on. This shows that you should speak openly with your partner to know what she feels before concluding that it is something you must be embarrassed about.

What makes women feel aroused about men with PE?

Irrespective of the fondness and consideration of PE as fetish, women also find it extremely satisfying. It can make them feel competent and confident with the perspective that their partner finds them irresistible. This makes the woman on bed feel hot and sexy. Few excerpts also showed that women feel like they have things in control on the bed. The pleasure that they can make their guy ejaculate or reach climax in just a few minutes boosts up their ego and confidence.

Does this solve the problem?

Speaking with your partner about your condition can help improve your sexual life a lot. Men generally see premature ejaculation as an unmanly and shameful experience. This even leads to stress, depression and performance pressure. It could also affect your relationship and could distance your bond.

There is no proof to claim most women find PE to be arousing; however, facts show that around 20-30% of men suffer from it. Men might see it as an opportunity to seek out women who find PE appealing, but after some point in time, the woman will be exhausted. Feeling of insecurity and unsatisfactory sex could lead to further problems in your relationship.

So, all we would say is, don't feel embarrassed or ashamed of your problems. Speak it confidently with your partner, she might have a fantasy for it, or she could find it tempting. It will help you both cope up together on the contrary if she doesn't see it appealing, understanding each other's problems makes life easier. There are treatments to fix it, but it can be dealt with efficiently when you have your partner's support.

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Why some women find early ejaculation hot?