Are you trying for kids but you are unable to? Blame it on the stuff in your pocket. Well, a study conducted in Japan says that electromagnetic waves from WiFi devices, such as mobile phones and home routers, can adversely affect the quality of sperm.

A report by the World Health Organization highlights that 15% of couples all over the world suffer from fertility issues and 30% of fertility problems come from men. Causes of male infertility include stress, lack of proper diet, environment, genetic factors etc. However, researchers also mentioned that a small habit of keeping a mobile phone in the pocket could hamper men's reproductive system and stop them from becoming a parent.

Japanese researchers examined a group of 51 men divided into three groups with the help of a WiFi device, which replicated a mobile phone. The first sample group was not exposed to a WiFi router. The second group of men was exposed, but they had a WiFi protection shield. The third group was fully exposed to the device. The findings showed that the sperm quality of the exposed group was damaged compared to other two groups.

The study didn't intend to scare people not to use WiFi devices. The idea was to make people aware that keeping phones in the pocket for prolonged hours can negatively affect sperm quality. Hence, keeping electronic devices on a desk or in a mobile pouch can make a difference for many families.

Are you spending more time with your smartphone and less time with your partner? Here we discuss some tips to overcome mobile phone addiction and develop better digital habits:

1) Maintain a mobile-check schedule:

It's natural to keep checking the WhatsApp messages and reading Twitter notifications now and then to stay updated with what's happening in the world. However, please reduce your mobile once in every 45 minutes or hour. In case that upsets your girlfriend/partner, you can tell them beforehand that you won't be responding to messages as quickly as you used to do it earlier.

2) Turn off push notifications:

Except for your official email and chat messages, you can turn off all other notifications that demand you to watch a video or 'like' an Instagram picture. You are not here to please everyone. And being available all the time for everyone's demands in the digital world shouldn't be your lookout. Just focus on what is essential for you and keep working towards it.

3) Keep your phone away from your bed:

Always have an urge to know what your college or office friend's new Facebook update is all about, is quite natural. But, you know what, I am not asking you to become a sannyasi and tyaag your smartphone use. All I am saying check your Facebook or social media account once a day and focus on chatting with your loved ones than just wandering in the digital world. You can also avoid staring at the mobile screen before going to sleep to enjoy a healthy natural rest.

A few hours of separation from your high-speed internet and phone will not end the world.

WiFi devices can trigger infertility