Do you think your weight is coming in the way of you to start a family with your wife?

A new study says that obese men are at a higher risk of infertility compared to men of healthy weight. Researchers found overweight men were more likely to have low sperm count due to their excess body weight.

The study conducted on around 10,000 men analyzed each participant's sperm count and body mass index or BMI. BMI is a calculation based on weight and height of a person. For example, men with a BMI of more than 25 are more likely to be overweight, and those with a BMI above 30 are considered obese. The research found that more fat tissue in the body can harm sperm cells.

Another study suggests that obesity can not only harm men's sperm quality but also reduce the chances of women to conceive a child successfully using in vitro fertilization (IVF). It also added that underweight men also had lower sperm counts like obese men compared with normal-weight men. So, both studies believed that body size matters for men and women planning to make babies.

Here's some general advice on how to reduce obesity to become a father soon:

1) Clearly define your goal:

If you are 90kg, what is it that you want to cut in the next three months, six months and one year. Are you planning to reduce 10kg at a stretch? Is it good? People have different opinions on reducing weight fast. But what is your thinking? Do you want to take it slowly and naturally? Or do you want to try those food supplements to get in shape? Collect information from all sources and take an informed decision. Your health is in your hands. Whatever you decide, stick to your goals and work towards getting success.

2) Eliminate junk food from your diet:

It is okay to eat vada pav, pizza, burgers once in 15 days or a month. But it's just not okay to have these junk food items in your diet every alternate day. So, in case you are habituated to eat outside food and cannot overcome the habit, then it's time to consult a good Nutritionist who can guide you what is right for you to eat and what is not.

3) Stay active:

Do you know any physical activity can go a long way in maintaining good physical and mental health? Simple exercises like walking to the market to get your vegetables and climbing stairs every day can create miracles in your life if you are leading a sedentary lifestyle. Start small and then think of lifting weights or doing push-ups. It's a known fact that any form of physical activity, even doing your household chores can not only burn calories but also help you lead a productive life.


Last but not least, can you avoid negative thinking? Accepting your body size as it is will help you lose weight naturally. The idea is to love your body and make it healthy and robust so that you feel good and enjoy a happy sex life with your partner.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

Obesity and Infertility