There is no standard time defined measure whether you were early to ejaculate or not. Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a condition in which a man ejaculates sooner than his partner. It can elevate to ejaculating as quickly as the penetration happens or maybe even before that. When PE gets into the way of your sexual life, it can trouble your marital life too. Many men are suffering extreme distress because of PE and due to lack of knowledge or discussion, many are not even aware of the problem.

There are mainly four types of PE:

  • Lifelong PE

Research conducted by an expert suggests that genetic factors can be the cause behind 91% of permanent premature ejaculation cases. As the name suggests, a man with Lifelong PE is affected by the condition throughout his life, beginning from the first sexual experience to present. It nearly happens every time a man with Lifelong PE is sexually aroused or engaged.

  • Acquired PE

Stress or anxiety can cause severe troubles in our lives. It can cause sexual dysfunction too. Acquired premature ejaculation happens when a man suddenly starts ejaculating prematurely even though he has a regular sexual performance. Sudden stress like a new relationship or issues related to work, finances, family, etc. can result in Acquired PE. Low levels of serotonin in the brain can also be the reason behind this type of PE.

  • Subjective PE

As the name suggests, this type of PE is individual. A man with Subjective PE considers himself to be unable to control his ejaculation and claims to ejaculate sooner than he wants. A therapist may conclude on no issues; however, the man still wants to have a long and delayed climax. Such men believe that they experience premature ejaculation even when they don’t.

  • Variable PE

A man with Variable PE may have a regular sexual performance; however, this type of premature ejaculation may happen inconsistently or irregularly. In certain conditions, men with Variable PE may experience this. Any particular instance can be the reason behind it, such as a specific female partner or a factor that may not be related to partners at all.

You might fall under any of the above categories, but you must be aware that Premature Ejaculation can be treated. Dealing with PE is difficult, and it can put your relationship and family at risk. Many don’t approach a therapist due to a lack of knowledge and confidence. Therefore, we recommend you to consult a therapist if you suffer from any of the four types.


You can successfully get rid of this. While there are simple exercise-based programs to treat almost every type of PE, customized therapies consisting of natural or medicinal solutions can also effectively treat your PE.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP