You men give ample importance to your testosterone level, which is good, but what about the level of estrogen in your body? Don’t look surprised! There is a presence of testosterone and estrogen in both male and female body. It is just that the ruling hormone in the male body is testosterone and in the female is estrogen. This, however, doesn’t mean that if you are a guy and your testosterone level is fine, you will not pay any heed to what is going on with your estrogen level. Just like any other hormone in the body, the level of estradiol also fluctuates, and the excess of it is quite dangerous for men

According to medical research, estrogen on the higher side in a male body, not only leads to physical disturbance like man boobs but can also affect your cardiovascular health. In a study of the blood level of 313 middle-aged men, a significant percentage of them were found with a high level of estrogen, which further leads to the thickness of the inner and medial wall of the carotid artery. Another study that compared the blood level of testosterone and estrogen in men between the age group of 30-50 stated that a majority of them had a decrease in sex hormones and had an increased chance of developing coronary disease.

With stroke being the third most common cause of death and the biggest reason behind age-related disability, a regular check on all the triggering causes is a must. As per medical claims, the foremost cause of stroke is the abnormal clotting of blood in the cerebral blood vessels. However, not many people know, but one of the reasons for blood clotting in vessels is the excess of estrogen in the body.

Men between the age group of 30-70 have there estrogen level increasing rapidly which not only causes medical issues like hypertension, increased cholesterol level, diabetes, etc. but also doubles the risk of getting a stroke or developing cardiovascular disease.

The reason a lot of men suffer from excess estrogen is that as a male body age, its ability to produce testosterone decreases. This result in a somewhat reactionary action which leads to aromatization of estradiol in the body. Fortunately, by keeping track of the testosterone and estrogen levels and altering the ratio in a manner that the blood level of testosterone is higher than that of estrogen, at any point of age, can reduce the effects of estrogen dominance. Presence of estrogen in the male body is essential to ensure proper health. However, a significant rise or drop in its level can create critical health conditions for men.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP