Erogenous zones are areas in the human body that are highly sensitive. These spots, when stimulated, release sensual responses like relaxation, arousal, and orgasm. Both males and females have more than one erogenous zone in their bodies, with some of them being common for both genders. However, certain spots have heightened sensitivity only for females. Below are eight erogenous zones in a female body that can work as a great supporting team, while you put efforts to satisfy your lady love in bed. And ‘No,’ I will not talk about breast and vagina...

Lips are considered as one of the most sensitive spots in the body. Stimulation of this area releases hormones like Oxytocin and Dopamine in the body. You can put your woman in the mood and increase sexual sensitivity in her by giving slow, soft kisses. And to take things to the next level, ‘not so rough’ lip bites will work.

Another highly sensitive part of both male and female body are ears. You can make full use of it by doing something as simple as whispering romantic, sensual stuff in her ears or as creative as playing with them with your tongue. You can use the ancient Chinese acupuncture procedure and gentle massage the earlobes, which will release sexual energy inside her body.

Inner thighs work as a great erogenous zone for females. It reacts sensitively to touching, rubbing, kissing, and licking. Stimulation of inner thighs is known to build up sexual tension in the female.

Butt is also a pleasure spot you can focus on. A lot of women like attention on their backs, especially rubbing, squeezing, or spanking. Some women also prefer anal penetration. However, the enthusiasm for some intimate actions around the butt is variable from woman to woman, so make sure she is comfortable with it.

You can also target her scalp or hair. Not many people know, but the scalp is a sensitive area, and if stimulated correctly, it can release a sexual vibe in a person. Just by sweeping long motions through her hair length and scalp with the help of your fingers and fingernails, you can trigger the sense of arousal in your partner.

Just like the scalp, your lady’s wrist is also a ‘not so guessable’ erogenous zone. Many women desire that their partner pay attention to their wrists through nuzzling and nibbling.

There are hardly any males or females who don’t get aroused after a sensual and delicate touch on the neck. Light use of lips to graze the skin that runs between her shoulder blades and neck base is all that you need to make her squirm in pleasure.

Last but not least is the lower back. Just above the erogenous zone butt is another erogenous spot, the lower back. This arch of her spine is an excellent area for you to target if you want you woman to have maxim pleasure during intimacy. Lick it, kiss it, nibble it, graze it with fingernails, the choice is yours, but don’t let this spot go unattended.

Remember - A Satisfied Woman Satisfies Well