Bluntly, men can get turned on easily! It is not the same with a woman. Every man wants his partner to be on the peak of the receiving and giving pleasure during sex. You can make her wild and demand for sex if you manage to bring her to the threshold of arousal.

Pretty easy hacks to manipulate her into giving you more!

We call it hacks because you will see a significant difference in your sexual experience using these tips below:

Go Slow!

Men tend to rush for penetration as quickly as they get turned on; however, women need their own sweet time to reach there. Foreplay is essential for them, even if it is not for you. Start slowly, touch her gently, rub her skin, make her feel warm. Explore her neck, ears, arms, thighs, belly, and her sweet face. This slow-motion, sparking touch, and the wait for every next thing you would do to her during the act will make it more intense for her.

Teasers excite, use it on her!

Teasers are another way to make her wait and desperate for you. Move your fingers on her most sensitive body parts like the clitoris, rub it a bit and quickly move away without doing anything more there. She will long for your hands to reach there again, and if she asks you to do it, don’t! Make her wait longer while you still kiss her and continue foreplays.

Kiss Right, where she likes to be explored!

Everything you do to her excites her during foreplay, and kisses are the most tender yet can be the wildest means of thriving her pleasure. Rub your lips, kiss her slowly, softly, to make her feel loved, and being taken care of. It will make her more welcoming and desiring.

They like to be lifted up for dry humps!

Dry humps make her aware constantly about what’s coming next. A series of that, with intervals during foreplay, keeps stroking her desire too. Push her against the wall, grab her by her butt, and lift her to make her legs wrap your waist. Give her a few dry humps, and then throw her down on the bed, staring into her eyes and again moving on to her for more foreplay.

Do the talking—dirty!

Keep the rules out of your bedroom. Talk dirty to her, ask her where she likes it more, how she wants you to do it, how badly she wants it? Make her give you responses by telling her all the sexy and dirty things you are going to do to her. You must begin with caution and bring her on the same page to be comfortable because she should not feel bad.

Unpredictable Surprises!

It’s not gifts that we are asking you to give her but, make your sexual adventure unpredictable for her. She should look forward to your next move with surprise and desire when you are giving her the pleasure. Unpredictable moves like kissing on the neck and suddenly jumping to her belly will leave your partner stunned.

Get these right and make it your goal to stretch this pleasurable journey longer. Make her slowly enjoy your adventurous ride; she might end up begging you to go faster but don’t! She will get wilder. By the time you are ready to penetrate, she will already be on the way to her orgasm.