Wanting to last longer in bed, pleasing your partner and the desire to have sex that is fulfilling are as natural and necessary as basic needs. An increase in testosterone levels of men means healthy levels of libido and a happy sex life. Yes, please! Rather than indulging in allopathic treatments that are often expensive and time consuming, I advise you today, to turn to fenugreek, an essential food source that has proved to boost male testosterone.

Boost Testosterone Naturally with Misters Daily Josh

A powerful medicinal plant, it is native to parts of India and North Africa. Various parts of this plant, including its seeds and leaves are employed in different manner to bring you specific benefits. Enriched with saponins and coumarins, their non-sexual advantages range from lowering blood sugar levels to reduction of cholesterol in the body.

Age, obesity and stress are just some of the reasons why men face drops in testosterone levels. This could also mean a loss of energy, an onset of fatigue, mood swings and deteriorating bone health. Protodioscin, a specific type of saponins found in fenugreek was found effective in enhancing male T levels. Moreover, a recent study discovered an elevation in testosterone of about 90% of a specific sample. Not only this, the participants recorded a lighter mood, robust energy and libido along with a healthy sperm count.

Boost Testosterone Naturally with Misters Daily Josh

As this is a natural remedy or recourse, it always helps if food supplements are not the only method you are turning to, to increase the testosterone in your body. What this means is that by following simple practices, Misters can supplement their intake of fenugreek with more efficacy. Some of these practice are:

  • Maintaining a timely sleep cycle
  • Limiting alcohol consumption
  • Managing your weight (nothing fancy- just limit your proportions)
  • Try not to stress too much

Note that fenugreek should be avoided in certain situations such as if you have low blood sugar and potassium content in your body. People allergic to peanuts, chickpeas and coriander should also steer clear away due to a possibility of a reaction. So avail of fenugreek’s goodness but tread carefully!

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

Boost Testosterone Naturally with Misters Daily Josh