It’s 3:00 AM, presuming you live with your parents, they’re fast asleep and you have just begun whispering to your partner over the phone. Slowly, your hand inches downwards into your blanket, feeling your penis rise up in excitement. With your partner feeling the same kind of giddy pleasure, you both reach the cusp of an extremely inviting question- “do you want to have phone sex?”

With cell phones practically acting as a prosthetic to the human anatomy and numerous, unwilling long-distance relationships induced by the recent pandemic, sexting is a great way to release sexual frustration in a healthy manner, all while strengthening the physical bond between you and your partner. Even recent research suggests that sexting and digital exchanges of intimate pictures between adolescents is definitely more common in Indian culture, than it would like to recognize.

However, whether you are texting or indulging in deep conversation, sexting or phone sex can be tricky in terms of language. Not everybody has the access to the refined vocabulary of biology textbooks when faced with a situation like this. Yet, should this mean that it will be harder for them to indulge in practices such as these?

Language tools and words more uncommonly known and used, do exist in reference to the male and female genitalia. Here are some terms you can incorporate into this naughty activity, that are expressed in shuddh Hindi:

  • Sex: Sambhog
  • Penis: Ling
  • Vagina: Yoni
  • Orgasm: Charam anand
  • Cunnilingus (Stimulation of the female genitals using the tongue or lips): Yoni lehan
  • 69 (Yes, there’s a term for this too!) : Auparishtaka
  • Masturbation: Hastmaithun
  • Ejaculation: Veeryapaat
  • Fellatio: Mukhmaithun

If you are close to somebody who is struggling with similar barriers or just wish to widen your horizons when it comes to sambhog, share your information and help others experience the exhilaration of charam anand, no matter their social location or language of communication.