Sexual health is important for mental wellbeing, and it essentially depends on how well you keep your circulatory system. While blood circulation is vital for the erectile response, cardiac health is critical for stamina.

What should I consume for healthy sex life?

Lower testosterone levels, called hypogonadism, not only affects your sex drive but can also lead to serious health problems. To avoid such risks, one must include testosterone boosting foods or meals in their diet. The two primary nutrients that must be a part of your diet chart are vitamin D and zinc. Unfortunately, they are found deficient in many cases today.

The top five foods rich in Vitamin D and zinc that help boost the sex hormones, thereby leading to an active, healthy, and happy sex life are:

1.    Seafood: If you are a meat lover, then seafood is an optimal choice. Especially tuna, oysters, and crabs. They are rich in Vitamin D, zinc and proteins. These are low-calorie food have been proven ideal even for heart patients.

2.    Avocados: To all those fitness lovers, Avocados are the best choice. It contains folic acid and Vitamin B6 which helps you be energetic and keep your hormones stabilised, as well as helps in reducing weight.

3.    Kidney beans: A perfect ingredient for the home-made cooking, kidney beans being naturally rich in zinc and vitamin D, help stimulate the male hormones. They are full of plant-based proteins making them a healthy option for your heart's health.

4.    Low-fat milk: A handy option for all the lactose tolerant workaholics, it is an excellent source of protein and calcium to keep your bones strong, and vitamin D

5.    Egg yolk: To all those who eat eggs every day, it's a good habit unless you have cholesterol issues. Egg yolk being a source of vitamin D boosts your libido and is a healthy choice.

Apart from scientific research, even traditional medicines suggest that Avocados, asparagus, nuts, seafood such as oyster, and other heart-healthy food are associated with better sex.

Studies have found that including zinc-rich food in your diet may even treat ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and additionally build more stamina to give you the boost.

Romance and health often go hand in hand. Both have to be at proper levels to carry on with your romantic endeavours. Many factors could affect your libido. Therefore, it is recommended that you follow a healthy diet for long-lasting performance in the bed. The two main hormones, testosterone and dopamine, regulate your and also help in bone and muscle health, along with hair growth.

In conclusion, you must prioritise building a healthy diet habit to keep your sex drive roaring!