“Overactive Libido” is referred by names such as compulsive sexual behaviour, sexual addiction, and satyriasis in males; but they all have similar symptoms. High libido can be annoying but, what metrics are used to measure the sex drive? When should I start worrying?

Before believing that you may have an abnormally high sex drive, you must ponder on what is considered normal? If you have any of the symptoms below you might have an overactive libido:

1.    Do you feel that you are obsessed about sex?

2.    Have you been indulging in continuous risky sexual behaviour that’s not accepted by society?

3.    Is your extreme sexual desire a reason for potential consequences that may harm you and your family’s reputation?

4.    Have you been using sex to escape reality, your emotions, anxiety or stress?

5.    Is your sexual urge mostly going beyond control?

You might be at a risk of facing serious consequences due to hypersexuality. It can disrupt your relationships, work, finances, health and entirety, your life! If it further declines into behaviours such as alcohol, drugs or sexually transmitted diseases. It can even put you in legal danger.

Why do you have a high sex drive? Mostly health disorders are the leading cause for this, and it can become alarming when other physical or mental problems accompany it.

Some possible known reasons are:

1.    Bipolar Disorder: This disorder is a type of mental illness in which a person suffers from rapid mood swings ranging from depressive lows and manic highs. High libido has been observed during the maniac phase.

2.    Dementia: Person suffering from this may end up with behaviours such as exposing themselves, using obscenities, masturbating and other. A high level of sexual desires has been observed in people with severe dementia.

3.    Sexual Addiction: People obsessed with sex are mostly in the category of sexual addiction. It leads a person from socially accepted sexual norms to a deviant behaviour that may lead to the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Changes in your life, hyperadrenalism, and hormonal imbalance can be some other factors responsible for hyperactive and excessive sexual desire. The reasons may not be easy to pin down and therefore consulting an expert is always a good idea.

How can one control excessive sexual desire? It may seem like a big problem initially but taking immediate steps like seeking a doctor’s advice is essential. Doctors may prescribe medicines, and one should also speak about it with therapists, experts or coaches.

Some standard practices and habits that may help:

1.    You can opt for yoga and meditation for deep healing and fulfilment.

2.    Exercise, sports, and other physical workouts will help. Try running, hiking, dancing or any sport that you like.

The fact is, everyone has their definition of sexual desire. Casual sexual urges are still exciting and should not always be considered “High Libido”.