While there isn’t any fruit picked from heaven’s orchard to reverse aging or to stop it entirely, there are fruits that can help you slow down the problems of aging. Baldness is usually one of the signs of aging, but numerous other reasons can also cause hair loss. Nutritious deficiency, stress, smoking, etc. are a few dominant factors. This article is about some significant hair loss prevention hacks purely made of a natural solution, called yummy fruits.

Let’s check the nearest fruit market to find out fruits that have been known to combat this tormenting devil for men, hair fall.


“An apple a day keep the doctor away” is the famous aphorism you would have heard over and over again, but you wouldn’t have heard that it also keeps hair loss and baldness away. Although apple is generally good for your body and is recommended to be eaten daily, all the soluble fiber, antioxidants, vitamins it is made of works miraculously on protecting your hair too. Refrain buying apples coated with wax; if it is shiny, that means it’s coated, anyway washing them is essential before consumption.


Strawberries would probably be the most voted fruit in terms of beauty, but you might likely be not informed that it is naturally loaded with silica. We are talking about silica because this particular nutrient is the reason why skin experts recommend using it, but this also repairs any damage in your hair follicle and retains its elasticity. Strawberries prevent baldness and aid hair growth. Always check the quality of strawberries before buying it at any random stop.


Bananas are as good as apples in terms of nutrition because of the richness it has to offer. It is packed with vitamin B, magnesium, fiber, and a range of other goodies to enhance your overall health. It prevents hair fall and strengthens them by protecting their thickness. This fruit is readily available nearby and works for your body and crown.


Loaded with vitamin C, oranges are nutritious for the body. It has antioxidants, magnesium, minerals, beta-carotene, flavonoids, and a lot of other supplements. Your body would love it, and so will your hair as it promises the benefits you can’t afford to ignore.


Grapes also don’t come from the god’s backyard vine, but grape seed oil has already been known to work on preventing hair fall miraculously. Eating grapes are effective, too, if consumed regularly. These little natural sugar balls are packed with antioxidants, natural sugars, vitamins, and many more nutritious reasons why you need to eat.

It’s your hair that makes your crown shine, but when aging starts to show its effects, men tend to get baldness. To maintain the glory of your kingdom and the shine of your crown, you need to eat healthily and be healthy at the same time.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP