The most ancient fossils showing sexual activity are more than a billion years old. Billion with a 'b'!

And which species is so caught in the act, geologically speaking?

Is it a mammal?

Is it a fish?

No, it is seaweed!

Bangiomorpha pubescens, if you will.

Before that it was an era, an eon, an age of, well, celibacy, and then the heroic seaweed made sure that life lost its virginity!

And how do we know this? Well the finding is that the spores or reproductive cells came in male and female form. And science nerds well know that red algae--living fossils not very different from the seaweed we are talking about--sperm can't swim and so rely on currents to facilitate the meeting of sperm and egg, and that's probably what was happening back at that time, and is captured in these fossils in Canada's Baffin Islands.

So, well done, glorious ancestors! Glory be!

And in case you are finding any issues accomplishing this primordial mission assigned to you--having sex, in other words--just get to and we have you covered.