Trust the American newspaper to coin a catchy phrase. Catchy!

To be fair it is not as much of a bait-and-switch one as one may suspect. The underlying data, while not being as dramatic as to justify the 'drought' in the Washington Post story, does indicate a kind of increasing rarity.

Anyway, the point is that since 1989 the number of American adults reporting zero sex through the year is up from 19% to 23%. And the ones really going at it (having sex more than once a week) is down from ~49% to 40%!

So yes, something's changing.

Wonder what's happening in India? The uncles would bet on young people having much more sex than ever before, and, well, on this one, the uncles may not be wrong. Give us time and we will find out. It seems time to commission a study!

Anyway, the more important question is, 'are you having enough sex?'

In case something--apart from not having a partner--is getting in the way of that, just go to , and things should be fine. Very, very quickly.