Male pattern baldness occurs on account of a complex concoction of genes and hormones. Typically men lose about 100 hair strands every day. For most men, this natural loss is compensated by the natural growth of hair. As per the Mayo Clinic, male pattern baldness occurs when this natural cycle of hair loss and hair growth is disrupted due to age, heredity, hormonal imbalance or even stress.

This physiological change leads to deep emotional effects in men. Balding men go through self-esteem and related emotional issues. One of the few celebrities who embraced hair loss, albeit after an emotional upheaval, is the former tennis champion, Andre Agassi.

In his autobiography “Open” Agassi talks about how he started losing hair at 19. He goes on to eloquently describe how the hair loss felt,

“Every morning I would get up and find another piece of my identity on the pillow, in the washbasin, down the plughole.”

Agassi then took the cover of a wig that looked like a lion’s mane. But disaster struck just a day before his French Open final (1990) against Andres Gomez. His wig disintegrated, and he had to cobble it together with a clutch of hairpins. But the fear of the wig giving away during his first Grand Slam played so heavy on his mind that he lost the match. It took the prodding of his then-girlfriend Brooke Shields to embrace his hair loss, and Agassi decided to go for the shaved bald look.

In Agassi’s words, “My wig was like a chain and the ridiculously long strands in three colours like an iron ball which hung on it.”

The new-look bald Agassi, circa 1995, then went through a lean patch during 1995-97, only to hit a winning streak in 1998 where he jumped from ATP ranking 110 to no. 6. Did the burden of not having to worry about his hair loss have to do anything with this winning streak? Given that there are reams of research that talk about the psycho-social impact of male pattern baldness, who knows if this helped Agassi!

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