Planning to have sex on a special occasion like birthdays and anniversaries might seem cliche, but is one of the best kinds of sex to indulge in. I don't say this of my own accord, of course. Sex therapist Kristie Overstreet says, "in longtime relationships, things can get monotonous, and having sex around special occasions spices things up, and there can be a really big payoff."

So what should be done to keep things exciting? Be a little more creative with your 'Dick Out Of The Box' theme, and you are good to go for the night. No, you don't have to strain your pocket for that. Remember, what matters is the experience that you both had. Just focus on making your sex night memorable because the occasion is too. And if you find the task of planning things out a burden, follow our four-step guide:

Set Things Up: How often do you and your partner prepare the room and set the mood before having sex? I guess barely. But as the day is unique, everything you do should be unique. Give your partner a surprise by setting up the room for them. You don't have to go all lavish by lighting up fancy candles or lauding your partner with expensive gifts. You can take the simple route by redecorating the room with flowers, illuminating it with fairy lights and wearing their favourite colour. It's the little things that matter.

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Focus On Building-Up The Mood: Sex is not just about getting a blowjob, giving an oral, humping each other and reaching orgasm. It involves mood build-up, foreplay and aftercare as well. Though your idea is to have sex on your big day, don't just jump to it as soon as your partner enters. Try spending some time with them. Watch something steamy on Netflix or play an adult truth or dare game. Make things interesting for both of you.

Keep Things Slow: Special occasion sex is more than getting intimate. You and your partner are celebrating a day that means a lot to both of you. Just take the time to love and appreciate each other.

Experiment In Bed: Special occasion sex is also an opportunity to take a break from your usual sexual routine. Try new sex positions or maybe a new sex spot.

Having sex on special days is a bonding activity. So make sure you utilize this opportunity to the fullest. Just know that it's your moment and your night, so do what makes you both feel closest to one another.

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