In today’s fashion conscious generation, we do everything that makes us look good and feel better. Since physical appearance has much of a role to play in our mental peace, there are many ways that people choose to look attractive. Colouring one's hair is one such way.

Hair coloring is a norm now, no one likes to keep their hair grey. Even those with gray hair get their hair colored. I have received many questions asking whether colouring one's hair can lead to hair loss. I thought to write this article to provide a crisp, scientific explanation.

Hair colours available in markets contain chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.These chemicals are really strong and loosen the hair in the telogen phase.

Before moving ahead, I want to tell you about the hair growth cycle, how does that work?

Our hair growth cycle has 3 phases - anagen, catagen and telogen.

Anagen- all the hair follicles are in growth. It is during this phase that the hair shaft grows in size and thickness. This phase requires abundant blood supply to the hair follicle. For that the body’s blood circulation should be really good.

Catagen- The resting phase in which most of the hair follicles have reduced blood supply as compared to the anagen phase.

Telogen- The shedding phase in which blood supply to the follicle is relatively cut off. Whenever there is any kind of mechanical stress to the hair follicle, the hair shaft breaks and hair loss takes place.

So hair coloring leads to loosening of the hair in the telogen phase and hence contributing to hair loss. Moreover chemicals i.e ammonia and hydrogen peroxide lead to extreme dryness of hair sucking moisture from our hair shaft.

During hair colouring, the procedure of pre-lightening in which natural pigments of hair are removed to apply a coat of desired hair color, is nothing less than dehydrating your hair.

The process of color application is also grueling in which hair is pulled several times. After the colour is applied, hairdressers apply heat  to make hair rinse at a faster rate, adding damage to the cuticle of the hair.All these processes can lead to development of split ends that lead to further breakage

I hope your doubts are clear through this article!

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Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP