When men think of hair loss, they think of getting older and losing their hair. Unless they have the genetics to blame, men don’t believe they are going to lose their hair at a young age, but now that may not be true. Many Millenials are now complaining of hair loss, and why is that?

If we know one thing, it’s this, Millenials are under a lot of stress, be it the social or professional competition or the blues of family life. With the social aspect of things, being physically attractive has come to be the ultimate goal, and the usage of styling products and appliances have reached new heights. Now, tag on a french fry and Chinese takeout diet, and you have what is called a group of bad lifestyle habits for hair that just wants to grow.

There are also biological changes that can contribute to hair loss in millennials, such as hormonal changes that are invariable, autoimmune diseases, and thyroid concerns. If you’re losing hair at a rapid pace, a professional should help identify if genetics or otherwise is the reason behind it. Amid all this stress, diet doesn’t even stay a viable culprit, but it’s right to put the fried food down now. But wait, it’s said that a vegetarian and vegan diet could be contributing to the increasing number of millennials complaining of hair loss?

Dr. Emily L. Gua, who is a resident physician at the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, conducted research (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28243487) that suggested that the diet that has meager protein count along with lack of zinc, vitamin D and other nutrients, affects hair growth negatively.

You thought a complete disregard of ‘bad’ meat could only be a good thing, right? Did that stress you out? We’re going to caution you against that. We recommend that you lower those cortisol levels. Your hair has a lifecycle, and the amount of stress can mess with the different phases present in the cycle of your strands. The growth phase, also referred to as the anagen phase, lasts 206 years, after which the hair is now at the catagen phase, which is when the follicle shrinks. The telogen phase comes to play, and in this phase, the hair is stable until the exogen phase when it falls out. This happens daily, and its okay to shed about 50-100 hairs a day, but if you’re clogging the drain, it’s too much. What stress can do, is that it affects the growth phase of your hair quite significantly, moving it out of that phase before its time, resulting in the hairs reaching the exogen, or falling out phase quickly.

While you can start losing hair at a young age, there would be many reasons for it, but a lousy diet, fake hair, and stress aren’t going to help you. Millennials have had it hard to multitask with everything that deems necessary, but they are more aware of how their hair grows. This could be a good thing, because maybe if they are more informed, they would be more inclined to get it treated.