Hair fall is a common thing, it’s how much of it that’s lost over what duration that can be the cause for concern. There are many reasons as to why hair can fall suddenly or over time, some of which could be health conditions. It is important that you find out why you’re losing hair, if you are, because if you treat the condition causing it, your hair loss might reduce. Now, that being said, we know that Western Medication has proven to work wonders while some folks tale also claim home DIY treatments work just as good, if not better. From eggs and mayonnaise to coconut and olive oil, hair treatments are making it big - it’s no longer your grandmother’s secret anymore. Have you heard of onions for hair fall?

With any treatment, be it Western or otherwise, not every individual will have the same results, whether positive or negative. There is no doubt however that some home treatments do in fact have properties that can strengthen hair and promote hair growth. Let’s get into why onions can help your mane:

Polyphenols, are called micronutrients and are in foods that are plant-based. Known to have many health benefits it has a ton of antioxidants and is known to help treat many parts of the body such as your stomach with digestion, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and the matters of the heart.

The highest content of polyphenols is found in onions that have the sulfur-containing compounds as well. One absorbable source of sulfur is methylsulfonylmethane, which is found in the outer layers of onions the most. It helps in forming keratin, which is a hair and skin protein and results in hair growth. It also has the ability to help with autoimmune diseases such as Alopecia Areata which the loss of hair suddenly causing bald patches that can sometimes overlap.

So how to go about using onions on your hair? Try topically applying the juice into your scalp, about two large buggers should suffice. Leave it on your scalp for 20 minutes and wash off as you regularly would. Besides having quite a clean scalp, you’re helping it tackle any infections and start growing some hair.

While you may be in the process of treating your hair, make sure you’re not making those benefits useless. Don’t over oil your hair, do not brush wet hair or pull your hair when you brush, don’t overuse styling products, don’t apply too much heat on your hair, stay away from hair dyes as much as possible and make sure you’re using beauty products that match your hair type.

If you want to take a more rigorous approach, mix the onion juice with methi seed powder and keep it on through the night with honey. You can apply this to a dry scalp or even add some olive oil for a normal scalp- you can also spot treat bald spots with this concoction.

So it may be a stinky process because the sulfur in the onion causes a pungent odor, but other than that there isn’t any physical harm in using this home treatment unless you are allergic to onions.