Who does not love to have a sensual experience filled with magic, but because of various factors such as fatigue, mental, and physical conditions, we don't often enjoy the act wholly. So in these scenarios, it becomes essential to address the underlying cause and then to work on it accordingly. For the same, you may want to check out a few natural ways to solve this issue and continue to enjoy the magic of sex.

Fenugreek: Used as one of the popular ingredients in cooking. This powerful herb is known for enriching the testosterone level in men, which in turn enhances the sexual drive. A compound called 'Saponins' inside the fenugreek stimulates the working and production of male sex hormone i.e., testosterone. Various studies have proved that regular consumption of fenugreek helps in a dramatic increase in the level of testosterone within a stipulated time.

Tongkat Ali: Tongkat Ali is a herb that has been used from generations as an aphrodisiac for men. Having various names such as Petala Bhumi, Longjack, etc. the herb is widely found on the islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. Widely used for the cure of a variety of diseases like high blood pressure, malaria, impotence, etc. The herb proactively promotes sperm motility and stimulates libido in men. It also improves the semen quality and supports muscle growth, enhancing the sex drive. One of the X-factors of this drug is its fast action formula. It takes minimal time to show results.

Red Ginseng: A common herb of Chinese origin, red ginseng, is known for being helpful in erectile dysfunction. The plant is slow-growing and has a fleshy stem. The compound, apart from being an excellent antioxidant, helps in brain functioning and uplifts the sexual performance of men. It produces nitric oxide, which increases the muscle relaxation in the penis, and henceforth increases the blood circulation. Its antioxidant formula protects the blood vessels from oxidative stress and helps in restoring the normal function of the penis.

Musli: Another popular option in the category is safed musli with a scientific name of Chlorophytum borivilianum. The plant reduces the ejaculation latency in males, which in turn makes them last longer and adds on to the pleasurable experience. It also adds on to the erection and sexual arousal of the person who is taking the herb.

Maca: Last but not least, comes Maca. The plant survives in very harsh climates and grows up in the mountains. Well known for its medicinal property, the herb was earlier thought of as giving a placebo effect to the patient. After multiple pieces of research and surveys, it was established that the herb is helps improve sexual desire in men. It stimulates the sexual hormones and makes them more active, which in turn makes the act more arousing for the couple.

Stay safe and keep having fun without compromising the intensity of the act.