We all live in a culture where virility is ascribed as an integral attribute of manhood. Low or no sex drive is something that no man wants to talk about because of stigmas associated with it.

Having zero sex drive can be detrimental to the prosperity of a relationship, and can also affect the partner's self-esteem. Libido fluctuations can result in stress, low testosterone levels, health conditions like diabetes, under-active thyroid gland, addictions, exhaustion and relationship concerns.

Don't be disheartened if a flagging libido is giving you sleepless nights. If a diminished 'sex drive' has been taking a toll on your relationship with your partner, we share ideas on 'what to do when you have no sex drive whatsoever':

Get checked by a healthcare professional: Treatments for low sex drive begin with a health checkup through a primary care doctor. Very often, diseases like diabetes, thyroid disorders, and cardiac problems affect libido. After the initial consultation, you can narrow down on the plausible causes of low or absent sex drive and further consult a specialist to get it back on track. Sometimes medication that an individual consumes to cure various ailments meddle with their sex drive. Work with a healthcare professional to help you find a suitable alternative if this is the case.

Communication can save the day: Very often lack of communication, trust, and intimacy, pent up resentment, and body insecurities disturb peace in smooth-sailing relationships. Openly discussing these issues or talking about the problem can be difficult for many couples. They find themselves confused about how to approach the subject for fear of offending their partners. Counselling with a trained sex therapist fares well in such cases. A trained counsellor can help you retain your sex drive slowly and steadily by resolving underlying relationships and stress-related issues.

Evaluate herbal supplements: Consuming herbal aphrodisiacs and supplements is another way to treat low libido. The herbal supplements work on brain neurotransmitters, stimulate genital nerves, and even support adrenal glands in an attempt to pump up an individual's desire. Chinese ginseng, Maca, and Muira Puama are some popular herbs known to be useful when it comes to boosting sex drive.

Hormone replacement therapies: Testosterone is an important hormone that contributes to a healthy sex drive. However, it is known to decline naturally with age. Testosterone levels can easily be tested with a simple blood test. Hormone Therapies like Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be beneficial for a patient with low libido. Testosterone Gel or cream for topical application can also benefit men.

Libido enhancing medication: Patients can resort to libido-enhancing medication after medical consultation to feel more receptive. At times when a healthcare professional thinks that erectile dysfunction is the cause of low libido in a patient, they prescribe L-arginine or Propionyl-L-carnitine, amino acids. Niacin is a medication that contains B vitamins to raise "good" cholesterol level in patients. Drugs to cure depression can also be used to treat the absence of sex drive.

The above mentioned are some of the ways to boost your sex drive to help you enjoy a healthy and happy relationship with your partner. Choose the one that suits you and go for it.