Who does not love a good mane? Everyone does! Nothing is as worrisome and painful when you see your beautiful hair fall in front of your eyes. It is one of the most common problems faced by many men. A lot of people lose sleep and self confidence over it. Scientists, medical professionals, cosmetic industry spends millions every year in research and development of new drugs and cosmetics to control hair fall. So let’s see what exactly causes this phenomenon.

What causes thinning of hair?

Hair thinning and hair fall is a combination of various factors. It can be internal, external or both. Very often it is said that the quality of one’s hair shows how healthy the person is. Irregular eating habits, lack of exercise, improper diet, stress, sedentary lifestyle, prolonged illness, side effects of medicines etc are some of the usual culprits responsible for hair fall and thinning.

Hair loss can also be because of genetic factors/heredity and in such cases a dermatologist or hair specialist can help you best. Especially, male pattern baldness/Alopecia is very common. External factors like over exposure to harmful chemicals such as dyes and hair colors, pollution, not oiling your hair regularly etc. contribute to hair loss too.

Solutions for thinning hair

Hair fall can be arrested to a great extent and it is possible to regrow hair fast too if you are willing to do what it takes. Here are a few tips to stop hair fall and thinning:

A healthy diet: It is imperative to eat nutritious food such as green leafy vegetables, salads and sprouts along with milk products such as curd, cottage cheese etc to provide overall nourishment. Have eggs, Tofu and soy milk, soya bean etc for protein. Remember without a proper diet your hair quality will deteriorate over time. A dermatologist can have you tested for lack of nutrients like biotin, iron, etc, and provide supplements for the same.

Physical fitness: Be active and exercise regularly, avoid sedentary lifestyle. Practice yoga asanas, go for a jog or a walk, etc.

Have more water: The planet is made up of 70% water and so is our body. Water helps in detoxification. Try to have at least 4-5 liters of water everyday.

Herbs and natural plants: Indian Gooseberry (Amla) is an excellent fruit for hair growth. You can consume it fresh, powdered form, apply Amla hair oil. It very rich in vitamin C and helps in detoxification as well. Neem leaves can be used in oil as well for external application as they have excellent anti bacterial & anti fungal properties.

Things to avoid

  • One must avoid excessive intake of beverages which dehydrate such as tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks etc. One should also avoid oily, greasy, spicy and rich food.
  • Stop fidgeting with your hair. Too much use of hair gels, creams, hair dyes and chemicals etc also cause irreversible damage to your hair.
  • It is important to use a good shampoo to wash your hair and keep a clean healthy scalp.

Hair fall or thinning does not happen overnight. One needs to be aware of one’s body and lead a healthy and holistic lifestyle in order to maintain your health and that of your hair.