Dear Mister, brace yourselves tight! We are going to give your Indian sanskari sensibility, a vigorous nudge!

In this blog, we are going to tell you why you should consider mutual masturbation with your partner or wife. The foremost thing about mutual masturbation is that it is hot as hell. Just imagine what you can get by doing it –

· A similar experience as watching porn, but in a better and realistic way.

· The opportunity to uphold both voyeuristic and exhibitionist traits in you at the same time.

· A tantalizingly sensuous experience to see your partner orgasm. And vice versa.

Numerous reasons and benefits are associated with mutual masturbation. We have enlisted the key ones.

Here you go -

Beat fatigue

Working professionals know how draining today’s work culture is. By the time you reach home, it leaves you exhausted. In such a scenario, penetrative sex looks too demanding, even though you crave an orgasm. So what you do? You follow the age-old custom and masturbate in the shower. This is where mutual masturbation comes in. Think of masturbating your partner and vice versa for a more exciting and real experience. If not anything else, it takes care of both your needs. Experiencing orgasm this way can be strangely intimate also.

Learn your partner better

As you see your partner masturbating, you will be able to know what she likes and dislikes in bed. This will generate ideas for perking up your sex life during intercourse. Knowing how a woman wants to be pleasured goes a long way in strengthening the mutual connect.

You can play with toys

Stop fence-sitting about using sex toys. Watching your partner masturbating with one can be extremely exciting and passionate. This could also give your partner the rare occasion of seeing a toy like a masturbator sleeve in action, which in turn might turn her up big time! It also becomes a prelude to use them during intercourse.

Moreover, it is easier to finish, particularly on days you are having difficulty to get a hard-on or to finish, since with masturbation, getting erection or orgasm is hardly an issue. This being very close to your solo time only in the presence of your partner helps you finish faster and better.

Neither of you has a condom

Condoms are tricky little things. They tend to vanish just when you need them the most. But now that you know about this unique method, you can make most of any opportunity that comes your way!

When trying it with your partner, here is how you can do it best -

Try different positions

It is not mandatory to lie on your backs and masturbate side-by-side. That is one option, alright. But think of other positions like - your partner masturbating while straddling you. This will generate a rare sense of being intimate in a very personal way.

Don’t lose eye contact

Looking deep into each other, while pleasuring yourselves or while getting an orgasm, is profoundly intense and a powerful way to bond at the deeper level.

Be creative

More than variety, it is creativity that adds spice to life. And when it comes to sex, creativity works wonder. Make use of your creative side by telling each other how you want the other to go about pleasuring or touching themselves. Give each other commands about speeding it up, slowing it down, using more pressure..... You get the drift?

Mutual masturbation is very much sex; however, it is different from being penetrative. Sex just as intercourse can get tedious after a point, even though you use different positions. Mutual masturbation gives your sex life a sense of novelty and excitement.

Try it, and you can thank us later!