Advanced fitness plans can be your excuse to eat junk but, think once again before you take another bite on your pizza or burger! It is affecting your semen and may raise a question on your fertility in the future.

We are not trying to critique your diet choice, but scientific facts can be mind-boggling sometimes. Who doesn’t like to treat their taste buds often with typical but delicious western food? Only a few would say no to that. However, you might have to reconsider your decision because junk food, usually considered unhealthy diet, might be drastically reducing your viable sperm count.

Processed meat, sugary drinks, and snacks are part of the ‘western diet’ as people frequently consume them. Scientists say that these food types deteriorate your semen quality. Researchers at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health went ahead to conduct a study too on this matter. They compared the semen quality results obtained from men who ate the junk mentioned above and men who were put on a prudent vegetarian diet rich in protein and dairy products.

Their claims were right! The comparison did prove that men who were on a vegetarian diet had a higher sperm count.

As per the World Health Organisation, 39 million or more is a normal sperm count that men should have who are seeking to become a father. Another study conducted on 3000 men belonging to the age group between 18-20 revealed that men who ate unhealthy food have 25.6 million fewer sperm count as compared to the men who ate healthy food.

Doctors advise maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle to all potential fathers if you want to improve your chance of impregnating your partner. Experts say that the reduced count can be the result of the absence of antioxidants from western foods. These antioxidants are suitable for the semen and can be naturally found in nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits as well as in other vegetables. Diets are powerful. It can impact not just any to every function in your body but also the functions of your testicles.

A healthy diet is not limited to eating non-vegetarian food, but animal-based products are part of it too. Studies suggest that men who regularly consumed fish, chicken, fruits, and vegetables had an average of 42.8 million more sperm count than men who didn’t.

Pizzas and Burgers are not the only culprits. There are other factors too which impact your semen health. Researches indicate that what you eat at a younger age may affect your fertility later. So, why not be informed about the disadvantages of western food and take measures accordingly.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP