Kyra wanted to know if I was okay if she plans to go on a break from the relationship for a while. In literal sense, break from the relationship means the couple decides to not break up officially but take some time off from each other and the relationship. I didn't have a readymade answer that time and replied to her text saying to give me sometime to figure out. I and Kyra have been dating since the last one year. I recollected all that we shared so far - sweet memories, bad fights and patch-ups. If my girl wants a break, there must be some reason that she is unable to share with me. I loved her and definitely didn't want to lose her. So, I thought giving her a short break is far better than calling it quits. I texted her saying yes but in the process I understood what I need to do to please my woman. Sharing here my ideas of how I plan to win her back in my life:-

1) Being honest:

It's believed honesty is the best policy. There is also another saying believed by majority of the women that 'all men are liars'. Well, I cannot be too honest and neither can I be a liar. But I can be honest in a neutral way, wherein I communicate to her exactly what I feel for her without she being hurt. For example, whenever Kyra sings a song, she expects me to praise her all the time. Even if I don't like the lyrics or the way it sounded, I would appreciate but then too she wouldn't be happy. That's how I learned that a woman doesn't want fake feedback but a honest feedback told in a positive manner.

2) Being human:

Many a times, we judge our woman quickly without even thinking she is also a human who is trying to give her best. Like I would tell Kyra every now and then to look for a better job as she was being underpaid in her current one. There were instances when I would blast her for not grabbing the job opportunities in the market. She would become insecure and cry. That's where I realized that you need to give time and space to your partner without being judgemental.

3) Be transparent:

I had sprained my ankle a couple of months back while travelling back home from work. I hid this thing to Kyra thinking that she would be worried but the idea backfired. When Kyra got to know my health issue, she got so frustrated that I wasn't being transparent. She didn't speak to me for a week. Later, when she expressed how much hurt and cheated she felt of not being aware of her partner's pain, I realized that hiding important matters from your partner can make things worse.

4) Trust her:

In a friend's party, I saw Kyra talking to some of the male guests in a too friendly manner. I couldn't handle the situation and in the heat of the moment, I asked her if she is no more interested in me. Tears started falling from her eyes immediately and it made me more guilty of what I did to her. She told me even if flirt with 4 women, she would never doubt my intentions because she completely believes in her love. That unforgettable day made me believe that trust is the core factor in maintaining long-term relationships.

Once Kyra was back from the short break, I ensured I followed these golden rules and treated her like the Princess of my life.